I was taken ticket through clear trip website for the flight from AUH to calicut and return as well(Trip ID 200111468960). Because of this covid situation, i have asked customer care if i got refund on my cancellation and they informed that which is not possible as per airline policy as i have taken ticket with special discount. Hence as flight was not available, i have converted the ticken to open status through website. But received a mail saying my return ticket has cancelled. Immediately I contacted customer care and they confirmed that by both tickets are open and i will be able to take ticket before September 30.
Later On When i again asked for refund possibility as flight was not available, they informed that i will be able to book ticket before nov-30th and can travel before October 31st 2021.
Again when i chased clear trip today, they says i was already cancelled my ticket on may 2nd and refund already processed!!!.

I have taken ticket for the amount above 5200AED and refund processed with near 180 AED!!!. Even though I have not provided cancellation request. I will be able to accept refund only if complete amount can be refunded. This is just cheating. Very bad experience

Provided communicated mails below.



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