Please lodge the complaint against Central Proejcts Data world India Pvt. Ltd., Rishikesh, for not given me the salary for the work from home, done by me, provided to me by Service Leader Mr. Srivastava,( Mobile Whatsapp No.8586072975 work completed on 27/11/2020 and after that they demanded TDS amount of 3950 for release of salary 200 pages @ 120/ per page = 24000 + 790 + TDS 3950= 28740 + special incentive granted total 33960/- as per the msg received from the Service Leader. I written various emails to company as well whatsapp msgs to Service Leader, but no reply from company as well from service leader, they have cheated me for the work done by me along with TDS money 3950 paid by me, I have completed work within a month 200 pages total daily worked 7 hours. with my hard labour. I can’t expect such type of cheating by the reputed company, after taking work, they are not paying any thing, rather they had also taken from me 790 Registration + TDS 3950 paid by me on 4/12/2020. Please help me un getting the salary from the company along with the money paid by me.

3240/9, Gali Navi Haveli,
i/s Gate hakiman,
Amritsar 143001
Mob 9023028380
Email – [email protected].


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