Website Genuine or Scam Check All Circumstances

Online shopping” in today’s globe has become a part of everyone’s life. Online shopping has many benefits like easily purchasing of your products and also it is very time-saving. But, as we all know that if there are benefits to something then it also has its disadvantage similarly online shopping also has both advantages as well as disadvantages. The best way to buy your products is online shopping but, are all online shopping stores real? Of course not! Several online stores offer fake branded products so while shopping online you need to be smart. We are sure that if you will read the following All Circumstances about Genuine or Scam website circumstances then you will not get scammed by fake websites and you will able to do healthy shopping.

Here are a few points mentioned below which will enable you to know the game plan of fake and scam websites.

1. Website URL and security connection:

Before purchasing anything from any online store please first check out the URL of that web store because most of the scam sites use unauthentic or duplicate URLs. Check the HTTPS and HTTP connection of the website. Please always select a secured website with HTTPS and Security Certificate

What a security certificate is
When you go to a site that uses HTTPS (connection security), the website’s server uses a certificate to prove the website’s identity to browsers, like Chrome. Anyone can create a certificate claiming to be whatever website they want.

If the website has an HTTPS connection then it means that the website is secure but nowadays HTTPS is freely available to all web stores so, this will not work 100 percent because most of the websites will provide an HTTPS secure connection.

2. Domain Age:

What is the domain of the website is the most important point to check the authenticity of that website to check the domain age we have website. Check the domain age of the shopping site and store on Always choose a domain of more than one year older domain.

3. Discount Offers:

All over the world, there are many e-commerce sites out of which many online sites offer you a high discount to attract you to buy that product and we all purchase them easily but they do not deliver that product or delivers you wrong products so you should stay away from these websites that are offering you high discounts.

4. Cash On Delivery:

Most of the scam sites do not provide cash on delivery payment option. It is the most secure payment mode the most important advantage of cash on delivery is that you have to pay your amount after getting the products in your hands.

5. Images and Content:

Scam sites use fake images and copied content.

6. “About Us” Page:

The about us page is a website’s most precious page as this page contains the company name and the owner’s name. The customers get to know about the company and owner on this page but several scam sites only provide their product details on their about us page like what they are selling and the quality of the product instead of company and owner details. There are high chances of fraud on these sites which do not provide their owner and company detail.

7. Return and Shipping Policy:

Most of the legit site has shipped and return policy and they provide you easy return but several scam stores do not provide you easy return they offer you returning of the product but they should be in its original packing. Most legit stores also offer free shipping to their customers but many scam sites have no such option.

8. Social Appearance:

Scam sites have a lot of fake social media platform icons on their website but when you will click on those social links it won’t work or take you to their website homepage.

9. Take a look at the contact us page:

Another authenticity sign of a website can be found on the contact us page of that web store to know whether it is a scam or a legit web store. What contact details they are providing? Are they providing the company address? Or are they having any contact number or email address?

Check the contact us section of the website because most scam web stores do not provide the phone number and its business address they only provide you an email address that looks genuine so, we suggest you first check that whether they are available on that email or not.

10. Check the payment mode:

Many stores do not provide you a secure payment option. Most scam-stores mention many payment mode icons on the home page of their website but when you will buy a product then you will get the only payment option that is PayPal.

11. What about the customer’s review?

Check the customer’s review as most of the scam stores do not have customer feedback but incase if you find any reviews on that site they are not genuine. Scam stores have paid customer reviews. All products on scam stores have a five-star rating.

Note: We have mentioned above several points about how scam sites work and how can we avoid these scams. After reading this article it is up to you which site is safe for you to buy products.

What to do if you’ve just been scammed?

No one in this universe is perfect; if everyone in this universe would be perfect then they would never develop and learn something in life. Even all human being learn from their failure or mistakes similarly, many people make the mistake of trusting scam website because they found the scam websites very genuine and after this, they realize that they have done a mistake by not knowing about the website, before purchasing and also not checking the website reviews.

Knowledge is the best way to stop falling into scams. If you got scammed then in that situation you can follow these simple tips which are discussed below

Do Not Panic:
The very first thing you should follow is “do not panic”.

Don’t get panic to learn to fight back instead of getting panic. Every issue in life has a solution so, keep calm and face the issue its ok, it can happen to anyone so please” don’t get panic”. Don’t feel bad for scamming instead of this fight for it.

Get in touch with bank officials:
If you got scammed by any internet shopping websites the best way of getting your transaction back is to contact payment officials as they have more knowledge about this type of scam so, instead of sitting and crying trying to get your transaction back by contacting the bank officials.

Don’t try to get in touch with the scammers
You should not waste your precious time contacting the scammers as they have already taken advantage of your” financial” and” personal” information by scamming you.

Do not try to contact them or send them mail because after scamming you they will not respond so, it is a waste of time by sending them mail or through contact number or by office address and files a complaint on all platforms.

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