Recharged my FasTag account with Rs. 500/- via PhonePe UPI on 12th November 2020.
But the money wasn’t credited to my account.We waited for it to be credited but till date it wasn’t credited but the money was debited then nd there only.
I reached PhonePe for the complaint and they confirmed with evidence that the payment was cleared from their end.
Also said that we should reach fasTag for further complaints because Phonepe again enquired for the same payment from FasTag and Fastag has confirmed it from their end to Phonepe.
We enquired FasTag for the refund or credit of the payment, but Fastag attendant said that it wasnt credited and confirmed from their end.
It is very very sad and shameful for us to get a fraud service as such from a governmental organization. A sheer case of theft .
The digital evidences nd clearances from Phonepe site are attached for your reference.
We will be highly obliged if you could please help and resolve our problem and bring back us our money.

IMG-20210117-WA0026-1.jpg IMG-20210117-WA0027-2.jpg IMG-20210117-WA0025-0.jpg


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