My issue started on the night of 8th Jan, 2021.
Since then I do not have any network on my phone. I have already complained to Vi and dropped many mails to them. They told me on 12th Jan issue has been resolved as they have fixed the maintenance problem in my area. But I have still not received any network. Today is the 17th of Jan, 2021.

All I’ve been told is to “be patient” as there is nothing wrong with my phone and SIM Card and should I receive network. Which is nonsense. Today is 17th Jan. Nobody can wait this long. But I have, Not 1 day but for 9 Days !

And I have moved out of my house upto a distance of 10 kilometres and have still not received network signal anywhere in those locations.

I’m having serious inconvenience as I cannot make payments anywhere and this number is my primary number that is registered everywhere and I cannot receive OTPs !

I’ve been facing this issue since 8th Jan have been writing mails ever since because as much as your team claims to have resolved this issue. It absolutely has not.

I have tried inserting another Vi SIM Card in my phone and that Sim Card worked. So there is nothing wrong with my phone. I tried inserting my Vi SIM Card in another phone, and my SIM Card continued to show No Service.

And to top it all off, I keep getting told to register my Email ID by CALLING on 199.
When you clearly know, that I have issues with No Network, how am I supposed to do that by CALLING 199 when I don’t have any signal whatsoever.

9 DAYS is a VERY LONG TIME to not have any access to SMS and Incoming/Outgoing Calls.
It has caused grave inconvenience which has cost me.



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