This company HAPPYEASYGO TRAVELS PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private Limited Company registration under Companies Act 1956 or 2013. Its CIN Number U63030DL2017PTC312927 and incorporation of Private Limited Company registration on date 15.02.2017. Their registered office address is HAPPYEASYGO TRAVELS PRIVATE LIMITED PKT-C SECTOR 3DWARKA FLAT NO.7B DDA FLATS 110078 NEW DELHI-South West Delhi. Private Limited Company registration is registered in 15.02.2017, India and Registrar of Company is ROC – DELHI. Doing Transport storage and Communications works. I once again quoted my complaint is that, as below,-
The HAPPYEASYGO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED are not refund the ticket (CaseId-1584585588069 Ticket For MAA-IXM — Order 694980827972517809) amount even the Airline has transferred amount into the account with 20 days from the date of cancellation ie on 13.05.2020. They reiterated that they would need some more times/days to refund the money. Why the company are not Honouring the order DGCAs 16.04.2020. It is fully against the para 3(ii) DGCAs notification no AV- 29011/27/2020-DT dated 16.04.2020. It is stipulated that within 3 weeks for refund. If we the people may delay a due payment to the bankers against our loans, then the bankers are imposing late fee, GST, interest as per RBI rules. But we suffers, you are our only hope. We are a middle class family working on Pvt Company. Receiving an Income in monthly is also a difficult in this situation. I am not received the amount as per direction give. by DGCA notice dt 16.4.2020 However still the travel company is yet to refund the amount, even the airline & travle agent has transferred the amount on 13.05.2020 & 18.05.2020 to its account respectively.
On 28.5.2020 they relied on that refund has been done, I asked them to share the transaction id they again stated that still the refund is in progress. Hence take the action on the company and please don’t give permit to such a farud companies. kindly Direct them pay with interest for the delay period.
I humbly pray before to you, kindly direct them to, if any further delay beyond the 3 weeks shall happen by them then the Travel Company to pay with interest or delay fee. Every Airlines & Travel agency have their own policies to refund public money in normal situation But at this present situation it is against the DGCAs order dt 16.04.2020 to withhold public money is more burden to us.


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