This is regarding fraud involved in Work From Home project from company called Eminent Minds Pvt Ltd., 00 Feet Ring Road Next To Karur Vyshya Bank Shirke Bus Stop, Kengeri Satellite Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560060. I got to know offer through Facebook post and contacted them on 19th May,2020 and got cheated of Rs.1000.

1) First I called 8197017892 , Vikram picked the phone and told about the project.
2) These are the details provided by Vikram, Need to pay only Rs.1000, once paid Login ID and password will be created, then training will be given and finally project will started. Its online form filling job for some banks and per day minimum 6 hours need to work, payment would be monthly.
3) Then Vishwa called from the same number and asked to send all the documents thru whatsapp for verification, I asked to send an email, but he did not send.
4) After I send the documents , Vishwa called and asked me to pay the Registration Fee of Rs.1000 to bank and he provided the Bank details thru whatsapp.
5) After payment done, the scheduled training which was at 3pm on 19th May got postponed to 5pm and eventually postponed to next day ,saying some technical error in ID creation.
6) On 20th May, Ranjith called from another number 7406534891 and asked me about my work experience,why I need this work etc….and then gave me the checkmate. He said to start the actual work , I need to purchase a software package from 3 options , which will cost between Rs.4500 to Rs.6000. I told this was not communicated by Vikram and Vishwa, and I asked him to return the registration fee Rs.1000. He said he will check with them and get back.
7) After 4 hours , when I spoke to Ranjith, he says the registration fee is non refundable. When I tried to reachout to Vikram/Vishwa they are not picking my phone calls.
8) Finally ,I understood ,it was a trap to cheat Rs.1000.
9) Unfortunately they did not sent any emails in the beginning, but I sent couple of mails to them saying as per discussion. Only after all these drama, they sent an detailed email on 20th May , it was a new mail and not a reply.
They are taking advantage of the lockdown situation, people are in desperate to earn money from any source. Hence easily falling to their trap.
My appeal:
1) Need to stop them from cheating poor people.
2) Need to stop their business legally if possible and punish them
3) I am greedy too, if possible I need my money back.

Bangalore – Mob: 9845804002

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