Cars24 is a Fraud Company. Cars24 ek number ki Chor Company hai.

Cars24 ek number ki Chor company hai. Yeh Fraud company hai, logo ka paisa lekar bhagti hai yeh company. Token Money Rs 20,000 vapis nahi karti yeh FRAUD company.

Inse car kabhi bhi mat kharide and na hi inko apni car beche. Yeh aapko loot lenge.

Bcos they finance car at 26% rate of interest, and they will say 12-13% before submitting the token money.

But on submission of token money of Rs 20,000 they will say that car will be finance at 26% rate of interest. They are befooling people and looting their money. After that they will not refund your money.

It has been more than 1 month that they have not refund my money of Rs 20,000 . Ab yeh call nahi pick kar rahe meri and na hi refund kar rahe hai money.

Attach is the payment proof i made to them of Rs 20,000.

Ek number ki Chor company hai Cars24. Kabhi bhi car mat kharidna inse and na hi sale karna agar nuksan nahi chahte ho apna toh.


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