Lakshya Foodways is catering service provider in Manikonda Hyderabad. 2 years back we tied up with Justdail for paid leads, so every month they will send some potential leads we will pay 3540 through ECS payment.
After COVID, we see there will not be any business in this year. So we asked Justdail to cancel the account or stop subscription for 3 months. But no one responded to my emails and started charging every month. We are in a situation, dont have money to pay salary for staff. But these companies are just deducting the amount from bank with out providing any service. We called so many times, they always they are working on it never received any email or call from them. We have to call them and follow up on them. Please see my email sent to Justdail on May 12 , no one responded to that email till date.


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