I had ordered a leather back cover for my “Samsung Galaxy J7 prime” about a week before this Diwali(on 7-11-2020) from “ScreenGuards.co.in” amounting Rs. 599. When I received the Product on the Diwali day(14-11-2020), it was not only of very poor quality but was also not fitting my phone.The company’s website clearly mentions that it takes refund requests within a week a delivery

So, on the very day(14-11-2020)I sent a mail to them asking them to take the product and refund the money. As it was Diwali I expected delay in their reply. So three days later(on 17-11-2020) I sent another mail to them. I received a reply on the very next day of sending the mail (on 18-11-2020) stating that they are unable to contact me and” to call on the provided number” or “provide an alternate number”. I did both, I call them and also send a mail stating my alternate contact no. Three days later, I sent another mail to them (on 21-11-2020) as it had been three days from the last conversation and still I had not received any response . As of today (25-11-2020) I haven’t received any reply, I also tried to call them multiple times but no one picks up the call. Their products and customer service both are pathetic.


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