I had purchased hearing aids from Amplifon India Pvt Ltd. from Thrissur, Kerala. After having paid an exorbitant amount for the same, the hearing devices started becoming dysfunctional within two years. When I contacted the clinic, they called me for a free audiology test and said that the hearing aids need replacement. I was shocked as the company is marketing the devices of a well known international brand WIDEX, Denmark which is not accredited. As I had paid Rs.52,700/- for the devices I was asked to shell out another Rs.11,000/- for replacing the amplifiers of the hearing devices. As the warranty had expired just before the lockdown due to the current pandemic prevailing in the country, I requested them to consider and extend the warranty date when their clinic was closed for 3 months. They absolutely refused to consider.
I later on came to know that the modus operandi is to call the customers for a free audiology test and say that their hearing aids need replacement.
I request the board to look into the matter and stop the company from cheating people.


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