On 18th September, I had deposited a cheque (# 451717) of SBI bank from my mother into my ICICI Patuli branch account. On 21st September my mother received an SMS from SBI informing that amount has been deposited to an ICICI bank account of a different person & not in my account. And that is when I realized that ICICI Patuli branch employees have tried to deposit my cheque amount in someone else’s (named Chandan Mishra) account to siphon the money to fraud account. Immediately when I went to the branch, Mandavi Surya (DBM) didn’t bother to listen to the concern and asked me to contact SBI bank. But as the cheque was deposited to wrong account at ICICI’s end, hence SBI bank did not have anything to do.
Just because SBI sent the alert SMS, I could catch the FRAUD & money siphoning attempt by Mandavi Surya (DBM, ICICI Patuli branch). A serious & punitive action should immediately be taken against Mandavi Surya (DBM, ICICI Patuli branch) so that other customers are not cheated.


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