“I had a cracked screen on my google pixel 3a phone which was then replaced by the b2x team Andheri. As I got my phone, I could observe that the OLED panel provided by the b2x team is defective and showing inaccurate colors. This is the second time I have sent my phone to the factory and that too in this pandemic situation where it’s no fun sending the phone again and again to the factory. The b2x team called me and told me that the issue won’t be considered as their fault and they won’t be changing the display and they aren’t even accepting the screen issue which is clearly seen in the photos I’ve sent both to the Google and the B2x team. This kind of behavior seems too stupid in this crucial pandemic stage. I have already paid 6k to the factory in the hope of getting my device in a better condition but even after knowing the issue, the team has shown a lot of carelessness in the service process and as it’s purely their mistake by providing the faulty OLED panel and also as it’s under service warranty, I only told them a simple task of replacing it as it is totally defective and given by them. This has led to conflict and they are totally ignoring the fact that they should replace it as it is their own mistake of not checking it under thorough inspection.”

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