Google Pay Customer Care Number

You can get assistance for any concerns by calling Google Pay Customer Care Number which is 1800-419-0157 and is available round the clock.

Google Pay is a popular mobile payments app in India. The free app allows you to send and receive money and also pay utility bills on the go.

With Google Pay, you can rest assured that your money is safe and secure. Google Pay is protected with a high-end security system that prevents hacking and detects any kind of fraud instantly. You can also safeguard your Google Pay account with a screen lock that can be either numeric (such as a passcode) or biometric (such as your fingerprint).

You can get assistance for any security concerns by calling the toll-free number which is 1800-419-0157 and is available round the clock.

You can also get assistance by visiting the section called “Help and Feedback” on the Google Pay mobile application where a support specialist will help you with any concerns you may have.

What is Google Pay App

Sending money, bill payment or mobile recharge is much easier through Google Pay App. A person can easily do all his work using simple information. A special feature of Google Pay is that your transaction is done through a direct bank account. And the payment received is also sent directly to your bank account. There is no wallet of any kind. Because of this, you do not have to pay any kind of extra charge. As in the Paytm app if you transfer money from wallet to bank account. So you have to pay an extra charge of up to 3%. But there is nothing like this in Google Play.


You have to face many types of common problems while transacting through Google Pay or while setting up the account again. These problems are not much, but sometimes we get very upset. Some common problems are as follows –

  • Money has been deducted from your account. But the money has not yet reached the account of the sender.
  • There is a problem sending or receiving money. Google Pay cannot be transacted.
  • You are not able to reset the UPI PIN in Google Pay.
  • You forgot the Google UPI PIN.
  • Your account number is not visible in Google Pay (Google Tez) app.
  • You were making the payment, but the transaction is failing.
  • The app is being closed as soon as Google opens the app.
  • You are being automatically logged out of your account repeatedly.
  • The reward received, but not sent to account.

These are some common problems. You can find solutions through Google Pay Customer Care. Along with this, other types of problems can also come in front of you. Which has never come with any other user. You can also solve them by contacting Google Pay Customer Care.

The toll-free number for users registered on Google Pay – 1800 4190 157

People who do not register on Google Pay. The toll-free number for them – 1800 2582 554

You can register your registered number on the toll-free number mentioned above or if you are not registered. So you can call another number. And get solutions to their problems.

As you know, the number of Google Pay customers is constantly increasing. And currently, Google Pay has many more customers than any other UPI app. Therefore, many times, lines are busy when they call Google Pay Customer Care Toll Free Number. And even after waiting for a long time, your call does not get picked up.

So if you do not have time. Then you can request a callback. As soon as a Google employee will be free. He will call the phone number you requested. After which you can get the solution to your problems.

How to contact Google Pay Customer Care through Google Forum?

If you want, you can contact the Google Forum to get a solution to the problems faced on Google Pay. And take their help. Here you will already get answers to many types of questions. And if you have such a problem. Which has not already been answered on the forum. So you can get the solution to your problem, by the way, explained below.

  • First of all, you have to click on the Google Pay forum by clicking here. And you have to log in with your same Google account. The account with which your Google Pay account is set up.
  • After reaching the forum, you can search for your problem on the forum. By doing this, if the solution to your problem is already present on this forum. So you can use it immediately.
  • If the solution to your problem does not already exist. So you can create a new topic by clicking on the new topic.
  • To create a topic, you have to write a title problem for your topic. And below you have to write your complete problem. And then click on the submit button.
  • As soon as there will be a reply from Google on the topic you have created. You will get a notification by email notification.


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