I am living in OYO life BLR 1407 since January 2020. I have been paying proper rent for the 3 months.

Due to this pandemic I had to leave OYO life and come back to my Hometown Gandhinagar, Gujarat. I left OYO life on 18th March 2020 but didn’t vacate it because I didn’t know that the situations will become so bad.

My company has put me in part time employment and hence they have reduced our payment by a high margin. Also they have mentioned that the Work from home will last till September 2020. In this case where my belongings are there in OYO life but due to lockdown I am not able to cancel my booking with OYO. I find myself in a very terrible situation.

In this situation of crisis I have to support my family financially as well. Hence, I request you to please consider my problem and nullify or reduce my rent till September 2020.

I have talked to Oyo life support regarding this but no proper response has come from their side. It has been 7-8 days and they just have been replying that they are looking into the matter.

I am highly disappointed with the management. They are breaking the trust of thousands in these hard times.

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