Myself Pramod Kumar Advocate card no 11734100018023887, Member since 02/2019, of Best price Market Consumer made an online purchase on Date 15 April 2020 of about Rs.11,698.99, Order no. 0065604110 by SBI D. card, On 15 April 2020 site showed that it will be Delivered on approximately 19 April 2020. I have made a call on query no.07290025230 & 07290025231 Kota (Raj.) as it’s the market place from where I had been registered through Court Complex Kota Rajasthan.

As per my payment was made before Delivery as the site provided approximate time of about 19 April 2020 (4Days) till today Date 21 April 2020, I had made a query for the delivery of my consignment but the person with the other side is not able to provide me the satisfied answer of my question as why the Delivery is Late ? when will be the Delivery available ? will be Delivery available ? When will be Delivery available? Should I have to present at the mall for pick up, if delivery was not able to there at my place? But the other side query responsible authority in-charge was not able to convey me a satisfied answer every time query answer were different and just told me that Delivery can’t be possible at the contemporary moment due to lock down as know one is allowed to step out, it will be there on time, items were not packed till the moment, we will take a meeting with Collector authority in-charge for issue of pass for Delivery, as if the Pass will be issued delivery will be available at the area the excuses of inconveniences were made but the Delivery Details were not.

As the items which were made as a purchase by me was necessary items and not for the sell purpose and all the necessary items were available to be delivered and as all the necessary items were allowed to be delivered as if so was not there, then the order were not to be taken up, if the person, online booking was not able to delivered then the booking must not be available. But as so everything was available online booking, payment was accepted, approximate time was present as everything was present but the only thing was not present was the query authority in-charge was not able to satisfy , making useless excuses, making harassment with useless answers, consumer was made confused with the unsatisfactory answer as the amount was paid consumer was made in the situation in which he was not able to get the necessary items from another place as the payment was made and the acceptance was there from the best price site and approximate time of about 4 days were taken for delivery but not made the thing possible and clear with the query toll no. of about when will be the Delivery Available so that the alternative for the inconvenience can be made. If the possibility of statement was provided to the consumer, if so not made an uneasy for the consumer to get reliable over the irresponsible market.

As I had made about Rs.11698.99 which is a huge amount and the Consignment contained a grocery items of like Soap, Toilet Cleaner, biscuits, namkin, masala, etc. for my family purpose it was necessary item but the inconvenience cause me the economical, mental harassment as the requirement was necessary but from the approximate time was over as the query made was not satisfactory from the mall toll no. and responsible person was making an excuses, responsibility of delivery of eatable items was on market as the time of approximate time was exceeded but Responsible authority or person not made any satisfactory details of my query as they have taken all the contact Details of like Mobile no. Email id. For the purpose of any kind of notification on the purchase Delays of consignment, if so or not be available to Deliver, so that any kind of alternative can be taken places for the convenience of consumer by the irresponsible authority and irresponsible market for problem solution platform is not available to make a satisfactory solution desk.

Provide me the Delivery of my consignment and solve my problem as soon as possible and provide me the time of the delivery.

Your Consumer
Pramod Kumar Advocate
Pratap Colony, Rangpur Road, kota (Raj)
Pin No.324002


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